07 Dec 2013 | ٠٤ صفر ١٤٣٥ ﻫ

Madrasa Jame-Ul-Uloom Furqania that started to teach the Hajis who go for their Hajj . Every year we organize Haj Traning camps for our Hajis in the Hajj Camp. Our Faculty not only gives speeches but we perform Demos of Kaba, Makame Ibrahim, Safa and Marwa etc. Our Expert Faculty performs Hajj Activity in the said camp. They take tawaf of demo kaba and walks on the safa marwa and instructs the method of taking tawaf and walk on safa marwa , where we have to walk fast at safa marwa etc. Some images of Haj Training Camp below.

Hajj Training Camp

Summer Camp

Madrasa Jame-Ul-Uloom Furqania stared to organize Islamic Summer camp for School/College student in their vacation. By such camp we succeed in our aim. The aim of the camp is to create Islamic awareness in to the Muslim Children’s especially to the College Student. In the camp we teach our student following things.So it is impossible for the parent and working class who wants to educate their child and their self with the Islamic studies could not join Madarsda.

Second thing when we saw that always anti Islamic people issue new issues about Islamic study and its law (Shariyah) to educate them and to solve the such kind of issue and new challenges we want to establish Islamic Institute and Research Center for Muslims and Non Muslims to educate them and to make Islamic Missionary through the such institution.