Welcome to Madrasa Jame Ul- Uloom Furqania

This Institute was started by only one Teacher who used to teach the Al-Quran, but now it has 55 teachers and 1000 students who are gaining knowledge of Holy the QURAN, Al-Hadith, Al-Fiqah & all Islamic studies. Besides there is a seperate section for regular school uptill grade VIII (Included Science, English, Maths, Social Study, Urdu, Hindi & Other Subjects).
The administration is determined to make it High School. Number of Scholers who completed study of HIFZE QURAN is 1500 Numbers of scholars who completed study of DAURAE HADEES IS 800.
I hope, God willing, that our work, our behaviour, morality, and our mutual relations and dealings shall confirm to the Islamic standards. Our aim is that our teachers and schools should advance, raising the general standards of education and enhancing the levels of the Islamic commitment, and social and revolutionary activity.
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