07 Dec 2013 | ٠٤ صفر ١٤٣٥ ﻫ

In the Present Scenario we see there are some anti social element who present Islam in a wrong way and always raise new propagandas and issue to misguide about Islam. Due to that many Non Muslim and Muslim also get misguided by them When we looked into this matter we find that all these happened because we people should not only educate our self with the Islamic studies but also stop to spread Islamic thoughts and studies into the world. Especially into our children’s mind. Many our brothers and sisters are fare from Islamic education and also from other peoples who want to study about Islam and it studies but they not get proper institution to learn Islam and its Studies. Only one option is there this is a Madrasas. The problem with the Madrasas is that a college and School going student cant join it. Because they are busy in their school and college and cant find a sufficient time to go for Madrasas. The second thing is Madarsas also having their own rules and regulations a student have to spend whole day with the Madrasas.

This Institute is providing all the Islamic & religious education including memorization of Quran. The purpose of this education is to provide such Islamic scholars who can give the guidance to the Muslims Ummat and they could extend their preaching of Islam to the non Muslims. Also this Madrasa is producing qualified Imama who can lead the prayers every where and they are expend in Islamic Education. So they can lead the prayers where and they are expend in Islamic Education. So they can educate the adults and childern of their respected Masajid and Madaris and they have ability t give FATWA (Islamic Verdict.)