07 Dec 2013 | ٠٤ صفر ١٤٣٥ ﻫ


Ever since the establishment the madrasa, a Dar- Ul- Ifta has been functioning. At the beginning of Dar-Ul- Ifta, Khateeb-E-Azam (Hazrat Maulana Wajeeh Uddin Ahmad Khan Sahib) was himself engaged in its work.
Afterwards Late Maulana Hamid Ali Khan Mufassir-e-Quran, Madarsa Aalia(Oriental College) held the responsibility of Fatawa writing since 1954 this work is being undertaken by Hazrat Mufti Mahboob Ali Sahib Qadri Wajeehi(Professor of Hadith). He also holds the position of Mufti-e-Shahr at present. Presently Maulvi Mohammad Maqsood Furqani is working in Dar-ul-Ifta with Hazrat Mufti Mahboob Ali Sahib Qadri Wajeehi as a Deputy Mufti. Almost thousands of answers have already been sent to all the places of our country. In which Muslim brethren’s queries are satisfied by those Fatwa. Some peculiar and special Fatwa safe for future reference. Maulvi Mohammad Maqsood Furqani Sahib is engaged in the endeavourer as assistance to Mufti Sahib.