07 Dec 2013 | ٠٤ صفر ١٤٣٥ ﻫ

Publication Section - 1. Monthly Zia -E-Wajeeh (Urdu)

We are thankful to almighty Allah that with "His Grace" this Urdu monthly has already completed 25 years of its publications. During the said period the magazine had to face many financial restraints and shortage of funds but it never forgot its prime duty to promote Islamic ideas and service of Muslim community. Zia-e-Wajeeh delivered many thoughtful articles and papers to its readers such as influential addresses and speeches of Khateeb-e-Azam,"Dars-e-Hadees" of Hazrat Qibla Mufti Sahib, In addition to these Hamd, Nat, and other religious, literary, historical and educational articles are also published in this magazine. Memories artisans, literary and cultural news, descriptive notes and information about Jame-Ul-Uloom Furqania and other institution related to it, as well as book reviews are also presented in Zia-e-Wajeeh. And thus literary thirst of its readers is quenched by it.
It is matter of pleasure and satisfaction that the readers by means of their letters sent to the editor, have expressed their satisfaction. The magazine is now being printed by computer composing. But the ever increasing 'deficit' which has reached to the extent of 30%, is the main problem before us. It is because of non availability of general and commercial advertisements and, of course we are unable to publish obscene & vulgar ads.
If a few annual subscribers are added, about a double number of it disappears from the list. It was several times appealed that at least two new subscribers should be added to the list by the all existing members. And we hope that it will enhance the income of the magazine. The readers should co-operate otherwise the publication of the magazine may anytime come to a halt because at present the deficit is met out of Madrasa Furqania's funds.